My female portraits are not just about emotions. They are filled with empathy.

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My female portraits are not just about emotions. They are filled with empathy.

I seek to capture the vulnerable essence of a feeling or a moment with a combination of gestural strokes and layers of loose playful watercolour. They are connected by lines and embellished by intrinsic details.

Intensive eyes offer an intimate connection between your story and mine.

My paintings are manifestations for resilience and inner growth, and embrace contingencies and humor at the same time – just as life itself. They remind you of your story and what you accomplished: of your unbroken, untamed female strength.

Be yourself, in all your magnificence! Life doesn't wait for anyone.

I took the scenic route to learn what it really means to permit myself to be my true self.

This means I know my dark sides quite well, and I also know what positive things I gain if I face them. I’m a neurodivergent pansexual woman, and I know how it feels not to fit in or be easily understood. My paintings are my language. I tell stories about moments and decisions, inner conflicts, and overcoming the past. They are invitations into my mind, and proclamations of defiantly loving life and not giving in.

I’ve got a background in professional photography and an M.A. in art education, art history and philosophy. Since 2011, I’ve been a freelance artist, combined with instructing art through workshops and courses, and side jobs.


My husband and I live in a rural area east of Munich, Germany.

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With love and gratitude,

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